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What does the “Waldrep WRAP” do to the stomach?

The “WRAP” in-folds the stomach so it reduces the amount the stomach can hold. The “WRAP” does this without cutting, dividing, discarding, or rearranging the intestines. No plastic or rubber device is left behind. The stomach remains intact and, if needed, the stomach and intestines can be examined later.

How is the “WRAP” surgery done?

The “WRAP” can be performed by highly trained and experienced bariatric surgeons using advanced state-of-the-art minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques. Instead of a long, painful, and unsightly incision, these modern techniques allow the surgeon to operate inside the body using small tubes the size of a ballpoint pen or even the size of the ink cartridge inside the pen.

How long does it take to recover after my “WRAP”?

Patients can leave the surgery center on the same day, shortly after surgery and immediately resume normal activity as comfort allows. Some patients may stay overnight for observation and comfort.

Will there be scars?

The very small incisions (about 5-millimeters or 1/5th of an inch) are closed beneath the skin with very fine suture that dissolves as the wound heals. The incisions are covered with paper tapes the size of postage stamps and heal almost invisibly within weeks.

What will I be able to eat after my “WRAP”?

The goal of the “Waldrep WRAP” is that you can eat healthy foods you enjoy, but without “over”-eating. After surgery, you will be guided through a specific diet that will help start your weight loss while minimizing any discomfort associated with the healing process.

How much weight will I lose after my “WRAP”?

No weight loss technique is designed to be the only “tool in the toolbox”. Long-term body weight management is optimized by using a combination of changing food choices and eating habits, and possibly, for some people, surgery. Unfortunately, there is no dietary, medical, or surgical treatment that can guarantee a specific or satisfactory weight loss in every person. In the few studies published in the last several years, a small number of patients reportedly decreased their excess body weight, though, the outcome in a significant number of patients over years is not known at this time.

Has this surgery been around long?

The procedure, generally known as gastroplasty, has been used in various forms clinically and experimentally in animals and humans over the past several decades; with some techniques more effective than others. There is no ‘official’ term WRAP, but we find it an easy and effective way for patients to refer to this surgery within our clinic. WRAP is a relatively new surgical technique that has the goal of providing significant assistance in weight loss in a relatively, but possibly safer way than some traditional, well-established, and accepted surgeries. Dr. Waldrep has been evaluating various forms and uses of the WRAP philosophy for several years, leading to provisional patented medical devices and various surgical designs.

Generally, reports indicate the technique is relatively safe, but like any treatment, can produce some transient side effects and complications that may require additional treatment and surgery in some patients. We can provide information that will help you decide if the risk of this procedure is acceptable to you.

I’ve already had a Gastric Band surgery but not satisfied with my weight loss; can I still be considered for a WRAP?

It is possible to perform WRAP in conjunction with an existing Band, and in some cases at the time of Band placement, in order to attempt to improve the benefits of Band surgery. While we have successfully performed this technique, with many satisfied patients to date, the long-term risks and benefits of combining these procedures is not known.

Will my insurance cover this surgery?

Your insurance company may cover all or part of this procedure. Our staff is happy to assist you in verifying your insurance benefits related to gastroplasty. Please include your information in the “Confidential Inquiry” form on this website.

I’m interested in getting more information about the “Waldrep WRAP”, what should I do?

We are happy to provide a complementary assessment, answer your questions, discuss your concerns, and describe various weight wellness techniques such as Band, Bypass, and Sleeve, which we also perform. Call us at (805) 230-0030 (Southern California) or (916) 797-7555 (Northern California) to arrange your private appointment.

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