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The WRAP Experience

WRAP (sometimes referred to gastric plication surgery (GPS), gastric imbrication, or greater curve plication surgery, etc.) is a relatively new procedure. Unlike some other weight loss surgeries, there are currently limited resources for patients to learn about this option from other patients who have already had the surgery. Some of our WRAP patients have graciously offered to share their experiences with the goal that it will help those interested in getting more information about WRAP. We realize the overall experience and satisfaction may change over time and we will continue to share comments.

Please click here to visit the WRAP Stars interactive Message Board! (coming soon)

Before deciding on WRAP, I thought I would choose:

  • “I considered Bypass first”
  • “Band”
  • “Sleeve”
  • “I had a Gastric Band in place already”
  • “Got a band and 2 port replacements”

I specifically decided to have the WRAP because:

  • “I wanted to jump start my weight loss”
  • “It was like the ‘Sleeve’ yet less invasive”
  • “It was the least invasive of the other surgeries”
  • “Other surgery was not an option…”
  • “Good results with few side effects”
  • “It was minimally invasive and didn’t involve cutting/removal of tissue. It’s reversible!”
  • “[I wanted to] reduce what it takes to get full, couldn’t handle restriction [of the band I had in place]“
  • “Band was not working for me”
  • “I thought this would be another level of assistance to ensure I am able to reach my goals”
  • “I felt it would force me to eat less”
  • “It was the least invasive of all procedures”
  • “I had problems with band, and I didn’t want anything cut away from me”

Overall, my experience with the surgical procedure was:

  • Good”
  • “Extremely pleasant”
  • “Fantastic. Very easy. Everyone has been supportive and I am excited about my future”
  • “Very good”
  • “Very good, little pain an quick recovery”
  • “Very positive”
  • “Exceeded my expectations & enjoying the results”
  • “Great”

What is your “10 out of 10″ satisfaction with WRAP and why?

  • “10/10; I feel like I can eat like a normal person but the weight is coming off”
  • “10/10″
  • “Don’t have to experience vomiting and rejection of food”
  • “10/10; Very Satisfied”
  • “10/10; quick recovery. I have the sensation of fullness I didn’t experience with the band”
  • “7/10; … heartburn when hungry”
  • “10/10; It’s working”
  • “10/10; has only been a week, still limited diet, time will tell…”
  • “7/10; I still need time to evaluate” [3 weeks after surgery]
  • “10/10; It has exceeded my expectations”
  • “10/10; It is working wonderfully, I am very happy”

How does WRAP compare to the expectations you had prior to surgery?

  • “It feels better than anticipated”
  • “Exactly as expected”
  • “It has done what I needed, weight loss”
  • “Very good”
  • “Works much better than the band [I have]. I don’t feel so restricted and can eat without worrying about getting stuck”
  • “I am very happy with results”
  • “It is wonderful, nothing was working before”

What has your appetite been like since WRAP?

  • “Much less. I get hungry about every 3-4 hours (not always) but am easily satisfied with a very small amount of food/liquid”
  • “Same hunger / a lot less to be full”
  • “Much less”
  • “Less appetite”
  • “My appetite is far less. I fill up with 2-3 tablespoons of food – and that’s a good thing”
  • “Significanlty less and takes longer to feel hungry”
  • “Less. I eat less and eat healthy”

What has been your ‘attitude’ toward food been since WRAP?

  • “Don’t feel ravenous”
  • “Same”
  • “I look forward to meals, and a little bit of food satisfies me”
  • “[I look at eating as] just nutrition. No emotional eating. Much less focused on it”
  • “Don’t ‘love’ it anymore, don’t like eating out”
  • “I can still eat foods I like and don’t worry about overeating”
  • “I’m really not craving food”
  • “Take it or leave it”
  • “I eat when hungry”
  • “More cautious of what I eat”

What does eating feel like?

  • Almost normal, just eat much slower and appreciate more”
  • “Definitely feel full sooner and on less”
  • “Feel full faster”
  • “Same. I’m full faster”
  • “Fine, can’t eat too fast”
  • “Normal, but I get full very fast”
  • “Eating feels normal. Smaller quantities satisfy me”
  • “Feels normal but full faster”
  • “Get full fast”

What does drinking feel like?

  • “I Can actually feel full from drinking; didn’t before”
  • “Same, I feel full faster”
  • “Normal”
  • “Some resistance”
  • “No problems”
  • “I try not to drink before I eat; it fills me up very fast”

How does food taste to you now?

  • “Same”
  • “Just the same”
  • “… it is great”
  • “Same”
  • “Sweets taste too sweet – do not care for rich/heavy foods”
  • “Good”
  • “No change – food tastes good”
  • “Sometimes not as good as before” [3 weeks after surgery]
  • “Tastes the same”

Do you have cravings?

  • “No”
  • “No”
  • “Yes, but resist better”
  • “Minimal”
  • “A little”
  • “Sometimes, for sugar”
  • “Not really”
  • “None”
  • “Sometimes, but it is controllable”

How does the volume of food or portion size compare to that prior to WRAP?

  • Can fill up faster so can’t binge or graze”
  • “Much less”
  • “1/4 the amount”
  • “Very small”
  • “It is greatly diminished”
  • “A small fraction of what I ate/wanted before”
  • A lot less”
  • “I can only take in about 3 to 4 bites”
  • “Volume is much smaller”
  • “Far less”
  • “Significantly smaller”
  • “I eat on desert-size plates instead of dinner plates”

What message do you get to stop eating now that you have had the WRAP?

  • “Comfortable fullness”
  • “Very full”
  • “Comfortable fullness”
  • “Lack of hunger”
  • “… full between one bite to the next”
  • “I have learned how to read the signals my stomach gives me to stop…”
  • “Comfortably satisfied (not hungry)”
  • “Comfortable fullness”
  • “In the beginning it was pain, but now it’s comfortable fullness. I’ve learned when to stop”

Can you eat “heavier” foods like chicken, steak, and bread without difficulty?

  • Yes”
  • “Yes!”
  • “Not yet”
  • “Chicken and bread, yes”

Have any of your medical issues (ie. diabetes, hypertension) improved since you had the WRAP?

  • “Diabetes is lower”
  • “My Metformin dose is lower”

Have you had any pain since your initial post-operative recovery?

  • “No”
  • “Some spasms”
  • “No”
  • “No”

How does heartburn, if any, compare to before the WRAP?

  • “None”
  • “Fine”
  • “None before or after”
  • “Haven’t had any”
  • “Same (but the band improved it earlier)”
  • “None”
  • “I have no heartburn at all”
  • “No issue with it”
  • “Don’t have heartburn”

Has having the WRAP interfered with your social/professional/personal life in any way?

  • “A lot of events revolve around food and ‘going out’ to eat; must modify order to accommodate small portions”
  • No”
  • “Not sure yet”
  • “No”
  • “No”
  • “Nausea in the first weeks”

If you had a gastric band prior to WRAP – in retrospect, would you have still started with band or opted for a WRAP?

  • “Not sure”
  • “WRAP!”
  • “WRAP!”
  • “WRAP, definitely”
  • “I would have opted for WRAP”
  • “I would have WRAP, not band”

Would you recommend WRAP to someone interested in weight loss surgery?

  • “Yes”
  • “Definitely”
  • “Yes”
  • “Yes”
  • “Yes”
  • “Yes I have”
  • “Yes – and I have”
  • “Yes I would”

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience thus far with the WRAP?

  • “I am very happy”
  • “It’s wonderful so far”
  • “Thank you for suggesting!”
  • “I like it!”
  • “Enjoyable experience and a great tool for learning self-control”
  • “It’s wonderful and I can’t wait to hit my goal”

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